Garden and Landscaping Beds

Decorative landscaping beds will enhance the beauty of your yard by defining natural contours, highlighting plantings, and breaking up visual monotony in unappealing areas, like steep slopes, poorly-lit areas, and dry creek or river beds. Beds are generally edged with a border and filled with either rock or mulch. Each bed can be constructed flush to the ground or it can be raised to increase visibility and add a layered look to your landscape.

Many landscapers will cut corners when installing landscaping beds, but at Maxwell, we make sure that each bed has a base of Class Five gravel and a layer of sand that has been compacted and leveled so that it slopes ever so slightly away from building foundations, preventing water damage. Once the beds are in place, we also install a snap-edging around the perimeter to ensure that the beds will not shift or move over time.

Have ideas of your own? We’ll work with you to incorporate them into the installation so that you get exactly what you want. Not sure what you want? We have years of experience and will draw up a design we’re sure you’ll love.

Rock and Mulch

We help you select the type of rock or mulch that will best suit the color and look of each area by providing samples of each selection. We believe that your yard should be as maintenance-free as possible and so, before we install rock or mulch, we use either a fabric or poly underlayment to prevent weeds from sprouting up.