About Maxwell Landscaping, Inc.

Maxwell Landscaping, Inc. was established in 1999 and has been serving the Twin Cities area ever since. We can accommodate both commercial and residential needs and offer a wide variety of landscaping services so that you don’t have to hire more than one company.

At Maxwell, we are committed to quality landscape design and we work closely with our clients to ensure that their dreams are realized. Our expectations of excellence are often higher even than those of our clients because we have an eye for detail that creates work superior to what other landscaping companies might be able to offer.

There is no middle-man at Maxwell Landscaping because we believe that the best way for our clients to get what they want is to have the same person they talk with during the planning phase to supervise the work. Matt Dalton, the owner of Maxwell, remains on-site to ensure the quality and detail of each project and nothing gets lost in the translation.

Though we can create any type of landscaping effect you wish, we specialize in a clean and natural look by using stone and boulders. We pride ourselves on selecting the best look for each particular area and we take great care that our landscape design looks beautiful from Spring to Fall.

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