Our Services

Want your backyard to look like a paradise? Are you looking to have a cleaner look for your lawn or garden? Do you need low-maintenance landscaping?

At Maxwell Landscaping, we will work with you to achieve the exact look and feel you want from your outdoor spaces. We provide a variety of services to fit all of your landscaping needs.

Our services include:

Additional Services

Drain Tile

Do you have a part of your yard that collects water, perhaps even damaging the foundation of your home or business? Drain tile is an easy solution that won’t require regarding the entire yard. We can install a plastic tubing wrapped in fabric just below the surface of your yard that will move water from one area to another quickly, eliminating your water problems.


We can grade or re-grade the slope of any yard, ensuring that water will drain properly away from any building while adding natural-looking contours to your landscape.


All irrigation is sub-contracted. Estimates are available upon request.

Sod Installation and Services

We offer sod laying services. We use only the best sod, grown on black dirt before it is installed in your yard. We also highly recommend a layer of black dirt beneath all of the sod we install to provide nutrients, weed control, and yard longevity.


We can fulfill all of your landscaping needs. If you have a specific feature you wish installed in your yard that is not listed on this website, we can still do it. Please feel free to contact us with any and all questions.