Garden Plants, Trees, & Shrubs

At Maxwell Landscaping, Inc., we believe in quality plantings that will last and so we take great care to use pulverized black dirt with everything we plant. Our black dirt ensures that our plants have access to nutrition in the soil, giving the plant the opportunity to grow quickly and establish a good root system. Everything we plant is backed by a 1-year warranty unless otherwise noted.

We offer all types of plants including flowers, trees, shrubs, grasses, and perennials. We select only the best plants for your landscaping and we plant everything a strategy and beauty in mind. We place trees and shrubs to block or minimize eyesores, we use grasses to hide utilities, and we try to select plants of varying sizes to create a tiered look of many levels for your landscape. We also plan our selections so that something will be blooming in every season, giving you enjoyment year-round.