Accent & Retaining Walls

Walls are a very important feature to any landscape and there two principle types of walls: a retaining wall and an accent wall. Retaining walls are used to break up a steeply graded yard and to propel water away from building foundations. Accent walls are used to raise an area into a berm and to create privacy barriers. Both retaining and accent walls are installed on 6″ of leveled and compacted Class Five gravel with a fabric backing to keep the soil from seeping out through the wall and to ensure proper water drainage.per water drainage.


There are several different types of material used to create walls including boulders, natural stone, and keystone (cement). Boulders and natural stone create a clean, organic look and we work hard to make sure that each wall has a unique character that still blends in with the rest of the landscape. Keystone walls are more cost-effective but not nearly as aesthetic as boulder or natural stone walls.